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Anna Gomez Interfaith Minister, Doorway HomeRev. Anna Gomez, Ed.D.  brings the heart of a group together for spiritual blessing and reassurance. Sincere, authentic soul-gifts are shared. She officiates funerals, memorials and other ceremonies in the Sarasota region of Florida.

As minister, it is my privilege to serve families and loved ones of the deceased. Through Doorway Home ministry I help others feel more comfortable with dying, help them speak about death and their loved one, and cope with it effectively. My most sincere, authentic soul-gifts are brought to this sacred, natural process.

My devotion is inter-religious. I respect the wisdom of all the world’s religions and traditions. This includes Abrahamic, Eastern, other religions and traditions. My deeply personal, yet universal spiritual orientation yields an unseen, felt sense to honor the deceased while reassuring their loved ones. Real worship heals and comforts.

One of my most meaningful roles in my life is that of friend, minister, spiritual director, teacher, partner and companion to those dealing with mortal loss. My training and heartfelt respect for the death and dying process began early. To deal with my own sense of confusion and grief I studied the topic for over a decade with leading authorities. As a hospice worker, hundreds of hours with the dying I witnessed the uniqueness of each death. Since my 2004 ordination, I have ministered funerals and other services. From this meaningful role I discovered that I am a valuable resource to others. Thus, I humbly offer my services.

Do you want to inspiration and meaningfulness to represent this transition? Does your heart desire a relevant spiritual service? The services of Doorway Home are respectful, and present for the death and dying process. Connect with your real feelings. Open the door to these possibilities.
Contact me 941-468-6362

“The quality of the service was excellent.”

“Anna gave our service a special spirituality that people could identify.”

“We appreciated your ‘glue,’ your thoughtfulness and professionalism. Thank you again!”

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Jesus had the ministry of light. Sunday Adelaja, The Mountain of Ignorance 

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. Kahlil Gibran