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— Psalm 23 NRS

FAQ | Funeral Services

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I want the service tailored to specific needs. Is that acceptable? How far will you go to allow the original and different?
Yes, it is common to have a service oriented toward that specific person’s life. Often music is provided by the family. Prayers and words are often spoken by specific relatives and honored guests. I welcome your input, suggestions and desires.


What type of service is this? I want to make sure that this meets the needs of traditional group while also fits my own beliefs.
The service is for all people. The service is timeless and heartful which applies universally to everyone. I am happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


Can the service be in the traditional form of Christian, Jewish or other convention with an understanding that there are other points of view included?
Yes, my perspective is inter-religious and honors all religions and spiritual beliefs. I often collaborate with “people of the cloth” from various religions and have experience with all the great religions of the world. I also work with a variety of settings including funeral homes, at the grave site, and personal settings.


We do not want to have a religious ceremony; can the service be non religious but still reverent?
This service is spiritual. It serves your requirements as well. Keep in mind however, that there are references to the spirit and to God. I embrace the sense of the eternal and the spirit of the deceased. Many find this reassuring and appreciate the reminder without the religious overtones.


Several people might need to be involved, how do we handle that?
Certainly others can be involved. It is simply a matter of organizing the ceremony.


There are still some outstanding issues among the deceased relationships. Is this something to take into consideration for this service?
This is normal, and it is always good to take this into consideration. Let’s talk about this to discuss the best ways to handle this. Stay open to possibilities – this can be a healing experience for fissured relationships.


Many have fears of death, can that be addressed?
This is normal. I am happy to deal with this directly in private conversations and, or during the service. However when one enters a reassuring atmosphere these fears often diminish and more meaningful experiences arise. That says more than words.


I am planning my own service in advance of my death. I would like to talk about it. Are you open to such a conversation?
Certainly. If you are interested in any of the topics on the resources page, I can try to help you with that too.


What is the cost or how do we talk about payment?
I am honored to provide this service from my heart. The universal heart is is ever flowing and abundant. I prefer to imagine myself coming from that source than to concern myself with pushing a price tag because I truly do this as a service from my heart. On the other hand, I can give you standardized guidelines for payment if you want. I have been paid for this service. I have also given gratis services. It is my joy to offer a ceremony that is fitting for the circumstances and for the soul of the deceased loved one. What you pay is your business; I accept the tangible and intangible graciously.


Your requests for more information are welcomed as well as any suggestions or questions. Contact me, 941-468-6362.

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