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These are excellent death and dying resources for anyone with fatal illnesses, dying, a caretaker, or has lost a loved one. Presented are many practical, innovative ideas which can reduce emotional and financial burdens.  Topics range from how our culture treats the dying to the topic of alternatives to traditional funerals and cemeteries.

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Increasingly, more resources for support and information are available. These are chosen to give you an understanding of a range of subjects and the explosion of ideas. Click on arrow links below to view information.

Aging and Dying

New Rules for End of Life Care by Barbara Karnes

Helpful guide and documentation of your wishes for your care as you age.


End of Life Care

The UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) 2011 research found dignity and respect “all the time” in hospitals was 57% for doctors and 48% for nurses. About 2665 people who had a bereavement completed the survey. The survey was a part of a 2008 national strategy to promote quality care during the end of life.

UK 2008 Strategy to promote quality care during end of life


Support and spiritual healing to all related to those who are dying. This has a wealth of information. The center is based in San Francisco.


National Association of Hospices


The Conversation Project
Inspiring and practical, this Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. Easy to use tools facilitate the often complicated and taboo exploration with loved ones.

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Environmental, Ecological Resources

Conservation Burials

Services that provide unique settings for underwater burial.


Doorway Into Light
This Hawaiian group provides a wholistic, alternative, innovative approach to death and dying, from education to services. While I thought the name Doorway Home was unique when this site was created, later I found these wise people were sharing their universal gifts under a similar name. Their expertise and heartful work is forging new cultural practices.


Final Footprints
Provide eco-friendly products for the industry.


A unique innovative container for natural decay. The astronomical prices of coffins provoked innovative, affordable alternatives. This one is based in the UK.


Green Burial Council
The Green and the environmental movements provide alternatives to traditional cemeteries that are ecologically unsound.
This blog shares alternative burial procedures. Caitlin Doughty, author of the blog and related books, is a mortician and advocate for environmental ‘decay’ with an offbeat sense of humor.

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Florida Resources

Coffin Carpenter
Philip M. Yoder, Sarasota, builds from several different wood choices. With each order he preserves an acre of Amazon rainforest in honor of the deceased individual.


Funeral Consumers Alliance of Sarasota-Manatee

941-953-3740 | PO Box 15833, Sarasota, FL |
Offers services and products at affordable prices.


Great Burial Reefs
Burial Urns in the salt water surroundingFlorida




Find Florida Legal Support below.

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Link HERE to receive information to plan funerals.

Funeral Consumers Alliance
Education and advocacy for those planning funerals


Grave Locator, to find a named grave

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Link HERE to receive information about coping with grief.


Home Burials

Final Passages
Jerrigrace Lyons pioneers this frontier. Final Passages provides training and burial services for those seeking an ecological and less expensive alternative. Many find this type of burial more connecting.

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Mary Alice Jackson, Esq.
Florida Bar Board Certified Law Attorney
She spoke at a Sarasota Memorial Hospital seminar on Palliative Care, 2009. She has much expertise and experience in this field. Her clients are all over the nation.




Many informative documentaries on this topic were created since the 1980’s. PBS is very insightful. The title “A Family Undertaking” presents an outstanding history of America’s relationship to death and dying. A multitude of fictional movies that can be found via internet searches. Another movie I appreciate that appeals to all ages is titled “Up,” by Disney Movies.



A Bed by the Window, Scott Peck
Peck presents his belief that humans choose when they will die. It is not a perspective I have an opinion about, but think is interesting.

A Grief Observed, C.S. Lewis
Lewis shares his intimate and arduous journey through life without his deceased wife.

Having Your Own Say: Getting the Right Care When It Means the Most, Bernard Hammes, Ph.D.
A how to guide book for caring for the terminally ill. Here is the author’s website dedicated to this:

On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Seminal writing on the stages of grief related to death and dying.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, Leo Buscaglia
This is an allegory that uses the seasons and a maple tree to illustrate the passages of life.

The Grace in Dying, Kathleen Singh
Clarity in understanding the process of death helps us better cope. This book offers a lovely sketch based on many hours with the dying.

Retelling Violent Death, Edward K. Rynearson, MD
This psychiatrist assists others in dealing with trauma of untimely and violent death of loved ones. His wisdom comes from both knowledge and his own experience.

Widow to Widow, Genevieve Davis Ginsburg
Practical, loving advise for the newly single woman trying to do it all.

Will the Circle be Unbroken, Studs Terkel
A very down to earth review of how others cope with death. Interviews with scores of different types of people who demonstrate the many ways we live and die.

Who Dies, Stephen Levine
All of his books are powerful with spiritually sound support. Also visit and learn from his website 



Music is good for the soul. These are some of my favorites; some I like for listening and some for the lyric meaning. Please share your favorites.


Artist: Bobby McFerrin
Title of Music: Medicine Man CD, 1990
Song: Common Thread (this is music only)
Song: 23rd Psalm


Artist: Jesus Christ Super Star CD
Song:  John Nineteen: Forty One (this is music only)


Requiums were created for funerals. My favorite is the Mozart one. 

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Memorial Products

My Last Song

Memorial Poems
custom written for your loved one

Urns for Ashes

See Environmental, Ecological Concerns above for other products.

When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices.
When you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.
Buddhist Saying