The moniker, Doorway Home, refers to the inevitable journey that every person makes in life. We start with our mother at birth, journeying through our various individual lives till we are brought to our final resting place. Death is the final call. Doorway Home provides services to comfort loved ones as well as to the deceased, to bring the spirit of one’s Divine Home, the eventual resting place.

For many, especially in today’s world, “home” is as much a feeling, a longing or a condition, as it is a place. Certainly the concept of home changes changes depending on circumstances and the life phase.

Yet at the end of life, home is generally understood as a return to the comfort of spirit. Some imagine being in the arms of the beloved. Others long for the warm hearth of loved ones who have passed.

Taken literally, home burial refers to funeral services held in the home of the deceased. These services provide a comfortable, less formal atmosphere to recognize the passing and to send prayers with them.

Home during our lifetime can be thought of as our heart. As a compass, it navigates us through our days, integrating the spiritual with our daily lives. For the departed we honor their new home as we place our hands on our own heart recognize the goodness they brought us. We place our hands on our hearts to forgive this person for the sorrow they might have caused us. We place our hands on our hearts to remember our Divine Life on earth, beginning to accommodate a life without the deceased. Until we die, we remember that our home is in this heart.

Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.
~ James Baldwin

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