Funeral Costs Conversation

Funeral Costs Conversation

With disposable income diminishing in middle America, it is important to review the costs of life events. This conversation typically brings up the question of whether a funeral really needs to cost so much. Certainly funeral homes can itemize each cost but, the total frequently brings families to their breaking point, extending credit or causing other debt.

The good news is that there are a number of alternatives worthy of consideration.  Many of these are provided on this website. The important place to begin however, is talking about our death and how it will be dealt with. That conversation brings the personal to the economic parts of life. Yet often it is a challenging conversation to have. There are many cultural, psychological, and personal reasons for this hesitation yet, approaching the topic in any way can alleviate some of the awkwardness and inability to deal with the associated financial matters.

“Our reluctance to talk about death is the reason funeral costs continue to spiral and why you pay far too much for writing a will or settling an estate,” he added. “That’s what we seek to change.” ~ New York Times

Given that our culture has difficulty with this topic, it is not always easy, much less comfortable. If you can be described as uneasy, rest in knowing that there are ways to get more comfortable with the topic before you have to make a decision about a loved ones or even your own departure ceremony.

Death Cafes are compassionate meetings held in local communities for attendees to engage in honest, candid conversation about the topic. These are held at specific times, not actual cafes with business hours as the name might suggest. In addition, there are many new books and websites on the topic many also associate with end of life care. As found on the Doorway Home website, links to outstanding PBS shows as well as other channels now exist on the topic.

Thankfully, the aging generation has taken it upon themselves to explore alternatives. Some you might have discovered or thought of yourself. Please share any topics of your concerns or new resources found in the comment section below. It takes a village to bring a body to its final rest. All ideas, thoughts, and innovations are welcome.

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